Innisfree Garden, Millbrook, New York (1981–1988)

Walter Beck, an American painter was inspired by scroll paintings he had seen of Chinese gardens, and he sought and proceeded to build his own garden in accord with the principles of Chinese painting and garden design. After Beck's death, work continued under the direction of Beck's friend and protegé, Lester Collins, a landscape architect. Innisfree is what is sometimes called a "cup" or "stroll" garden. The stroll is through a picture into a series of episodes (cups), like Alice in the looking-glass. – John Yang, 2004

D.O.P. 8" x 10" prints (1981–1986); platinum 10" x 12.5" prints (1998).
Panoramic D.O.P. prints 10" x 78" (1983–1988); panoramic P.O.P. prints (1990–1991).