Blindman's Bluff - Deluxe Edition

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Blindman's Bluff - Deluxe Edition

from 95.00

Deluxe Edition prints are archival pigment prints produced on photo rag pearl paper, the current equivalent of fiber-based photo papers historically used by John Yang. They feature the nuance and subtlety of John Yang's original hand-printed photographs, now available in two traditional photo sizes.

Exclusively available from the John Yang Archive.

Available in two sizes. Shipped flat.

11" x 14" – $95
16" x 20" – $145

Premium Edition prints also available.

Blind Man's Bluff is an iconic image taken by John Yang in Strasbourg, France in 1960 and published in the book Photographing Children (Time-Life Books, 1971). A version of the photograph was used by the band Sigur Rós on the cover of their 2002 album "( )". Subsequently the image has become ubiquitous in popular culture and can be seen on everything from street art to t-shirts to tattoos.

Now, for the first time, the John Yang Archive is authorizing digital pigment prints of the original hand-printed photograph. Proceeds support the work of the John Yang Archive. Printed by Ribuoli Digital, a renowned fine art studio in NYC.

The photograph is also featured in a new book on Sigur Rós by Ethan Hayden.

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